Before you can register as a new member in Firehøje Fitness, you need to register through below link “TILMELD”. When doing this, you will create a profile in Conventus, and after having done this you should choose between 2 different subscriptions; Fitness 1 month or Fitness 12 months.
When you have started the subscription and paid, you should book time for a personal instruction class in our fitness center through:   

After the instruction class you will be handed a key piece, which will give you unlimited access to the fitness center during all opening hours.


You can choose between a 1 month or a 12 month subscription. If you choose the 12 month subscription, you have committed for one year. The price is lower per month, if you choose to sign up for 12 months from the beginning, but this also means you cannot cancel the subscription before 12 months have passed
1 month: 175 DKK
12 months: 1500 DKK (ie. 125 per month)
All seniors above 65 years get a 50% discount on all prices.
When starting the subscription, you will pay a deposit of DKK100 for the key piece. If you terminate the subscription, you need to return the key piece together with information about bank details to one of our instructors, and then the DKK100 will be transferred to you.
If you have any questions or you need help, pls contact us through below e-mail:
Pls remember that you need to end the subscription yourself online, otherwise the payment will be taken automatically from your account each month.

To select the subscription needed, pls click on below link:

Fitness 1 måned

Fitness 12 måneder

65 years and older
Existing members

When you log in to Conventus, you can change your contact info, card, subscription, etc.
If you have received info that your payment has not been completed, this might be because your card has expired, and in that case, you need to remove your old card and register the new one.
You should not do a manual payment but only register the new order, as then the system will automatically withdraw the money for a new period, and your key piece will now work again.
If you wish to end your subscription, pls log in and after that you can end the subscription.
If you need help, pls ask the instructors in the fitness center, or you can e-mail us at and then we will help you as fast as we can.
New key piece
If you have lost your key piece, you can order a new one by clicking "TILMELD" above.
The price is DKK100
The new key piece can be picked up in our fitness center when there is an instructor.

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