Welcome to Firehøje IF - the local sports union

The local sports club is the best place to meet people living in the Nørup, Randbøl, Randbøldal, Vandel, Åst and the other small villages - all around the the Four Hills behind the church in Randbøl.

Four Hills in Danish is Firehøje - that gave the name when the small clubs united many years ago into Firehøje Idræts Forening.

Our local sports club has more than 1.300 members - more than one in every household in the area.

That is Firehøje IF. Locally based - and allways developing.

The union have 11 departments in the two sportshalls in Vandel and Nørup: 

Active time is for seniors in Vandel Sportshall and sports in the daytime is for seniors in Nørup Sportshall.

Badminton is played by all ages and levels in both places.

Bike Exercise is cross country biking and Mountain Bike

Fitness is in Nørup where a nice fitness center is built in the top florr of the sportshall

Soccer is outdoor and indoor in Nørup

Gymnastics has many differnt teams playing, tumbling, dancing and moving in both places

Handball is based in Vandel

Indoor cycling - also known as spinning takes places in Vandel where a nice spinning centre with 24 bikes is built on the balkony in the sportshall

Climbing is the newest department planning to build a top modern indoor climbing facility with bouldering and rope climbing in Vandel - opening september 2020

Tennis has nice outdoor tennis courts in Vandel and plays indoor as well in Vandel

Click on the icons to the right to read more about all the possibilities. 

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Sports in the daytime
Indoor cycling
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Firehøje IF 
Leader of the year 2019
Katja Ramsing from Gymnasticks

Juvenile leaders of the year 2019
Ida Hansen, Marie Høstgaard Møller og Trine Guldborg from gymnasticks.
Firehoeje IF | Kikkenborgvej 3 Randbøldal | 7183 Randbøl | Phone:53634176